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Service Times :
Sunday Program
10:00 am

Oct 26, 2014
Sunday Program
“The Welcoming Congregation.” Since 1970 the Unitarian Universalist Association has been on record as affirming and supporting the rights and worth of LBGTQ persons.  However in 1987 a survey of thousands of UU's proved painful.  The LBGTQ people felt they did not have a safe or comfortable place in their home churches, and the survey revealed negative attitudes, deep prejudices and profound ignorance about lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender and queer life and persons.

At the 1989 General Assembly of the UUA, the delegates voted to initiate the Welcoming Congregation Program.  It was a call to make UU congregations truly welcoming places for people of all sexual / gender orientations.  The Welcoming Congregation Program will be presented and discussed as a possible resource for the UUFYS to become a more inclusive congregation and community.

Presenter Joan Chappelle is a long-time member of the Fellowship and the Social Justice Committee at the UUFYS.  A former member of the Yellow Springs Human Relation Commission for 10 years, she helped with initiatives to create a partner registry for same sex couples and worked for fair rent practices in the village. 

Important Meeting for all parents at 9:00 a.m.,...

Our covenant above is the basis of our community. All are welcome to join us as we each discover and create our life's journeys.

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